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Today marks the date that the annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan is scheduled to resume.

And I am more determined than ever to stop it, but I need your help.  Will you help me keep up the fight and increase the pressure to stop this cruel slaughter?


Not so very long ago, I was alone on the beach at the dolphin-killing cove, standing up for an end to the brutal slaughter and a ban on sale of poisoned dolphin meat. 

But that was before the Oscar-winning movie The Cove, and before we broke through the media blackout to bring international news throughout Japan about the secret slaughter.  And before we broke the story about dangerous levels of mercury in dolphin-meat being fed to Japanese children.  And before our new television series Blood Dolphin$ was released.

Our presence – and pressure – on Japan to stop the slaughter is having a huge impact.  I think the pressure is too great for them to start the kill while we are in the country.  And so it is crucial that we step it up.

I am here in Japan, at ground zero for the largest killing of dolphins in the world.  This year, our Save Japan Dolphins team is bolstered by more than 70 people from around the world to send a message to the government of Japan that THE KILLING MUST STOP.

Thanks to you we have brought an amazing outpouring of worldwide voices to end the slaughter.  We are presenting our petitions signed by an amazing 1.7 million people from 151 countries around the globe!

Thanks to you we are opening the eyes of millions of people, to stand up to the cruelty and government intransigence. We are doing something that has never been done before and we need your help to maintain our campaign on the ground here in Japan. We are making a difference.

I promise you that anything you can give will help save dolphin lives.

 Please donate HERE to support this effort »

Thanks so much.


Ric    Ric

Ric O'Barry

PS. Thank you so much for watching the new series "Blood Dolphin$" on Animal Planet Channel.  To get more info about upcoming episodes, click here.

PPS. For more info on the campaign and to sign up for our blog click here.


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