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When an oil train derailed and exploded last July, killing 47 people and destroying much of the Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic, my first thought was naturally: “This is horrible.” Then, being a journalist, my next thought was: “We need to figure out why this happened.”

So we dispatched Earth Island Journal contributing editor Adam Federman to Quebec to find out the answer. The results of his months-long investigation are sobering. As Adam discovered, the crude oil coming from the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota is especially volatile, putting communities across North America at risk.

Investigative journalism like this takes time, hard work and resources. I know you value Earth Island Journal’s reporting, so I’m asking you to make a tax-deductible donation to our Green Journalism Fund.

Here at Earth Island Journal we don’t do news “aggregation” or “curating.” If you want to watch a video of sea otters playing a piano, you’ll have to go someplace else. But if you want original reporting and incisive commentary about the environment, then we’re here to serve you.

By becoming a paying subscriber of Earth Island Journal, you help cover the costs of paying writers, photographers, illustrators, and artists whose work we feature in our print and online magazines.

  • Writers like James William Gibson, who traveled to Texas to investigate how cities in the Lone Star State are plotting an old-fashioned water grab from farmers and wetlands.
  • Photographers like Camille Seaman, whose awe-inspiring images of glaciers and super storms we featured in our Spring edition.
  • Artists like Isabella Kirkland, who creates lush canvases depicting plants and animals on the verge of extinction.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to Earth Island Journal today so we can continue to publish the work of such creative and talented people.

Here at Earth Island Journal we’re committed to “storytelling for social change.” We follow the best principles of journalism – fairness, accuracy, and intellectual rigorousness. But we’re not shy about having a point of view. We put our principles next to our reporting and we marshal the facts to make an argument for protecting the planet and all of its inhabitants.

And we can’t do it without YOU. Your financial commitment to Earth Island Journal helps us make ends meet.

Please donate today. Your contribution will allow us to continue uncovering the kinds of environmental stories you can find few other places.

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Jason Mark
Editor, Earth Island Journal

PS: For a donation of $50 or more you’ll receive a FREE copy of The Wildness Within, Earth Island board member Ken Brower’s heartfelt book about his legendary father, David Brower.

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